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Meet Lon Dean

Pastor Lon Dean

Potential Leadership Coaching

Founder and Head Coach


Lon is a well traveled international speaker specializing in discipleship, refreshing stagnant ministries, church growth and leadership development. He is also a sought-after conference speaker. All of those things are great, but it’s his ability to unlock the gifting in YOU, that will bring you back to this coaching network over and over. Pastor Lon will teach you how to use proven discipleship and church growth techniques, that will work in your church’s culture!

Lon served 16 years at one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S. He began serving as the Children’s Pastor (along with his wife Joanne) and later as an Associate Pastor. He then successfully planted the church's first new multi-site campus in a nearby city where he was as Campus Pastor. He served for many years in this Mega-Church environment, setting up their small group network and mentoring new leaders.

In 2005 the Deans were sent to Albany to restart a small, struggling church called the House of Praise. Using the same Church Systems teachings that he learned in coaching, the church has tripled in size and sees hundreds of first time salvations!

Lon and Joanne have been married over 30 years and are still deeply in love. Their greatest achievements are their four beautiful, intelligent daughters, all of whom are all actively serving in church life.

Lon is a church-leader just like you. He has been a staff member, a campus pastor, an Associate Pastor, and a Lead Pastor. He has pastored in urban, suburban and rural settings, big churches and small churches.  Therefore, can help you.

Pastor Lon’s desire is to help you unlock your potential for a great ministry and a great life.  
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What's Your God-Given

Church Leader Coaching will help you unlock your leadership potential and unlock your church’s growth potential.

Learn strategies that will work for you, make the most of your time & resources, and fulfill your calling.

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