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Unlock Your Church’s Potential with Leadership Coaching

The POTENTIAL Network is NOT for everyone.

This coaching network is ONLY for those pastors who are serious about unlocking their church’s growth potential and their personal leadership potential. Therefore, the requirements to participate are high.



  1. You must be the Lead/Senior, Church Planter or Campus Pastor of a church
    (or will become one during the 9 month-long coaching network).  

  2. You must participate in all 9 live coaching sessions.

  3. You must have a strong commitment to grow your church.

  4. There is a financial investment from you. It is our experience that when there is not an investment financially, there will also not be an investment of time and effort needed for change.

  5. There is a personal commitment from you. If there is not an investment of time and effort, it will not be a good investment monetarily.

The value of what you get out of this network is exponential  to what you put into it.  This investment will be returned many times over what you put into it. Yes, there is an investment of your time, effort and money required to unlock your Leadership Potential but your church is worth it.


  1. Monthly personal coaching from Lon Dean

  2. A proven coaching process that leads to church and personal growth

  3. Direct access to Lon Dean and the POTENTIAL Team

  4. A monthly coaching environment where everyone is focused on a Kingdom agenda

  5. Private times with Lon Dean to have your specific questions answered

  6. The opportunity to unlock your personal leadership potential and calling.

  7. The tools to unlock your church’s growth potential through discipleship systems.

  8. Teaching you can train your staff and volunteers with


More than we can list here.

If you’re ready to learn how to upgrade the systems of your church for maximum health and growth, this is the network for you.

Please understand that this network will have a commitment level and is geared for church leaders who are Kingdom-focused. We do not accept everyone. There is limited seating and there is an application/approval process.

It’s going to take a hard-working leader, called by God, to make a dent in an unchurched culture. If that’s you, then let’s get started!

Here’s the good news: IT CAN BE DONE! Churches CAN CHANGE!

I’ve done it and...I’ve helped other churches do it!  


I have some tools that I cannot wait to share with you to bring about change! Let’s begin unlocking your God-given POTENTIAL today!

Church Systems 


We will learn each of Nelson Searcy’s Eight Systems of a Healthy Church. Then you can immediately start evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your church. We will help you develop a clear and easy-to-implement plan for the rest of your coaching experience.



.These amazing yet easy-to-implement techniques will create a healthy Stewardship System that is focused on discipleship as the ultimate goal. Plus, you’ll learn stewardship decisions every pastor should make to lead a church to be effective financially. When used properly, this system WILL help your offering increase guaranteed!

Every church has seen our tithing, offering and generosity increase substantially as we implement these tools.

Small Groups: 

100% participation – that is the goal of this system. What can you do in your Sunday School or Small Groups System that will help you get more participation? You will learn how to create discipleship opportunities that your people will want to be involved in for years to come! We haven’t solved this one, but we continue to improve in this area of ministry at House of Praise Church.

(Follow-Up to Connect People)

You will be given  next steps that you can take immediately this Sunday to reach and keep more first-time guests in your church. These simple techniques, that anyone can do, will help you see immediate results!


Working with leaders can bring the greatest joys and the greatest headaches as you lead your church. Throughout the year, Lon will guide you on avoiding the multiple landmines in leading leaders (I’ll share with you all the mistakes I’ve made.). Even if you don’t have any staff, these are practical steps that you can take to train and lead your key volunteer leaders and turning your high capacity volunteers into unpaid staff members.


Through this coaching you create a church strategy utilizing all the tools that you’ve accumulated from the Potential Leadership Coaching network. You’ll learn how to better evaluate the health of each system in your church and what you can do to take them to the next level.  Yearly planning is possible and leads to long-term strategy for your church.

Worship Planning:
(Sunday Service)

You will be given practical tools to improve the quality of your service regardless of your music style, creative elements or traditions. Advance service planning helps to grow your church and lower your stress substantially.


We will work to create a culture of Evangelism in your church. We will give you tools and steps to raise the evangelistic temperature of your church. Soon, you will have many people involved in the growing of your church. We went from 1 or 2 salvations yearly to hundreds each year.  These are true conversions, that stay and become disciples.

Ministry: (Serving/Volunteer)

Ever find yourself short of volunteers? We have a proven plan to help increase the number of effective volunteers in your church. This is something we work on constantly. You’ll also learn how to “Create a First-Serve” opportunity that will motivate your people to get involved.

Personal Leadership:

Lon will work with you personally to teach you how to create a simple and practical personal growth plan. A plan that will help you lower stress, increase available time, find balance between the church and your personal life, and be more effective each day in your ministry.

Our Guarantee to You

We are so sure that what you learn in POTENTIAL: Church Leadership Coaching will be effective in your church that we will even give you a “90-Day out.”


If after 3 months you don’t think that what we are doing is helping you and your church to get healthier and start to grow, we will let you out of your 9 month commitment. If you don’t think that what you are learning pertains to your pastoral situation, just pull Lon aside and tell him personally why you don’t think the coaching is helping. After that conversation, we will cancel your membership and you will not owe the money for the final 5 months of the network. If you have paid in full at the beginning of the year, you will be reimbursed for the final 5 months.

Potential Coaching Membership

Sign-Up only $199

Unlock Your Church’s Potential with Leadership Coaching What you get during the 9 month engagement:

  • Monthly personal coaching from Lon Dean

  • A proven coaching process that leads to church and personal growth

  • Access to Lon Dean and the POTENTIAL Team

  • A monthly coaching environment where everyone is focused on a Kingdom agenda

  • Answers to your specific questions in your church culture and situation

  • The tools to unlock your own leadership potential

  • The opportunity to unlock your church’s God-given growth potential

  • Teaching to use to train your staff and volunteers with

  • Hope for a breakthrough for your church!

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