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Abandon Average

How many of you went into ministry excited about becoming an ‘average’ pastor, or prayed to serve in an ‘average’ church?

Of course not!  We are not serving an ‘average’ God. You wanted to be part of something meaningful and special, not just to lead an average church.

What’s wrong with being an ‘average’ church?

  • The average church is declining by 9% a year (9 people out of your church of 100). The problem with a decline of 9% a year is that you generally don’t notice it until it’s too late.*

  • The average church is behind on budget and thus unable to say ‘yes’ to God-sized Kingdom opportunities should God send them their way.*

  • The average church is begging for money, begging for volunteers, begging for new members and begging for non-church members to attend.*

  • The average church has a pastor who is burned out or discouraged, and who thinks of leaving their church every 18 months.*

  • The average church has systems but those systems are not maximized.  This keeps the church and their pastor operating in average ways.*

*Stats from the book: Renegade Pastor by Nelson Searcy

Stop being average TODAY! Unlock your God-given Potential through Church Leadership Coaching!

The POTENTIAL: Church Leader Coaching Network

 is a Live, in-person, relationship-based coaching network for pastors seeking to create healthy churches and break through growth barriers. The heart of this network is a group of Senior Pastors who meet together monthly for training, coaching, accountability, and networking.


At these coaching sessions, we will engage in learning, review previous system changes and their effectiveness in our churches and brain storm about more effective ministry techniques.


Why Potential Coaching?

  • In the early 1990s, about 2 out of 10 U.S. adults were un-churched.

  • In the early 2000s, it was 3 out of 10.

  • Today, the unchurched make up nearly half of the adult population.

We have to do something different. Because of a coaching network like this, Pastor Lon has experienced personal growth unlocking his leadership potential. Through Church Systems Coaching their church’s growth POTENTIAL has also been unlocked.  The church that Lon pastors, The House of Praise, has tripled in size and has seen tremendous spiritual growth over the past few years also.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but there are proven techniques that will work for you.  We are working every day to find more effective ways to reach people in our community for Jesus Christ and disciple those in our congregations. There is nothing more important than this. Unlocking your leadership potential is the best way to do this…that is why you should join the POTENTIAL: Church Leader Coaching Network.

What is
Potential Coaching?

The POTENTIAL Network adapts the monthly teaching based upon the needs of those in the group. However, here are some items you can expect:

  • Monthly, In-person, personalized, coaching for 9 months.

  • Teaching based upon the 8 Healthy Systems of the Church by Nelson Searcy.

  • Forms, emails, templates and other items you can edit and use in your churches.

  • State-of-the-Church research and analysis you can apply.

  • Practical guidance on applying the training in your church culture.

  • Personal spiritual growth.

  • A small group of Pastors to encourage and network with.

  • Access to Lon Dean and the POTENTIAL team between meetings.

  • Resusable training material.

  • A roadmap to unlocking your leadership potential.

  • And more…

In the United States right now, we are becoming more and more churchless. Studies show that “The number of unchurched Americans has jumped by nearly 1/3rd in just 20 years.” (Barna) If you don’t learn how to reach the unchurched and don’t learn how to unlock your church’s discipleship potential…your church may eventually become one of the thousands that close their doors each year. (Church planters aren’t exempt: According to Lifeway, 1/3 of church plants close before their 5th anniversary. Of those that remain open 1/3 won’t break 100 in attendance after 5 years.)

What do you invest your time and money into? We know what is important to someone by looking at their calendar and their bank account. I’m asking you to invest in your leadership and in unlocking your church’s God-given POTENTIAL! Over the next year, invest time and money into this coaching network. If you will, this network will help you grow personally and your church grow corporately.  What could be a better investment than that?

We have a deep desire to be part of building God’s Kingdom through your local church. To do that something has to change in your church’s systems. That is why we are offering POTENTIAL: Church Leader Coaching for Senior, Lead and Solo Pastors as well as church planters.

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